The holidays can be equally as exciting as stressful.  Many people struggle during the holidays can put emotion, physical and financial demands on all of us.

We need to be certain to continue to nurture ourselves and take care of our selves during this busy time of year.

Crazy, to think it’s just around the corner.  It’s October and stores have holiday decorations out, and we found Christmas Music playing on the radio today.

So to help you and the ones you love I  will be featuring over 20 tips to keep you happy and healthy, experience less stress and more joy this Holiday Season.

Be sure to follow eatlovelaugh on instagram, twitter, and facebook to stay on top of  these wellness tips.   Tip 1 is set to publish in November!

Here’s to the upcoming season of love, light, and joy. May you experience the bliss without the stress and spread peace and goodwill wherever you go.

And share this gift with your friends and family, too.

xoxo happy holidays


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