Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

April 4, 1964 Happy Anniversary!

April 4, 1964
Happy Anniversary!

Your love made a family,

Your family made a home,

Congratulations on 52 years of marriage, love and friendship,

You inspire us all.

Then & Now (clearly she took good care of you)

Then & Now (clearly she took good care of you)

8 thoughts on 4-4-64

    1. mymonsterboymymonsterboy

      Thanks. I’ll pass it along to the folks. They’ll be visiting in June/July.
      Hope you and the boys had a fantastic Easter — I always think of you and your growing family celebrating with ours.

  1. DadDad

    Thanks Kris! It’s been a great 52 years for mom and I Loving one another and working together it’s been a joy watching you Tom Keith and Karen into responsible and successful adults Love Mom xo Dad. Xoxo.


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