Day 1 Mindfulness: Relax

We will explore ways to relax today.

Does your Day Start like this…Alarm, Jump Up, Shower, Coffee, Kids, Pets, Traffic, Meetings, Customers, Clients, Phone Calls, Emails, Rush back, Make dinner, go to kids’ sports.  And Repeat.

NOW imagine starting the day by going to your meditation space (room, chair, kitchen counter), Get Comfortable, Set your timer, Sit, Relax, Breathe.

Starting the day will help you prepare for the busyness of the world.

It’s like walking a dog; make mindfulness a habit, and like walking a dog; let your mind wander. Nothing, or rather NO Thing is a distraction in mindfulness. Rather than being annoyed by the sounds outside your window, or in the next room, notice it and focus on a different reaction or relationship. Note it, as it arises and refocus on your breath. Avoid focusing energy and attention on it . It’s developing awareness and staying present.

Ever hear the expression Go With the Flow? How Much Control Do we really have? And how much energy do we invest in trying to control everything? While we can plan and organize in the end most circumstances are out of our control.

Take some time…practice urban meditation during your day.  Find a place to sit, breathe, and get out of our own way. Let your breath in and out softly as it creates an attitude of gentle kindness. Find a place out of other’s way. Don’t be embarrassed.

If someone asks what you’re doing; just offer a simple answer and Enjoy the show!

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