5 thoughts on Elements of Harmony

  1. GinaGina

    Beautiful artwork! It reminds me of a dream I had on NyQuil Friday night: In one of the dreams, I was at a Spirit circle at my friend’s farm, telling the other es about another dream I had. I was holding a box of brown rice quinoa pasta, and as I looked into it, it became a mosaic, and each of the squares took me into different dimensions…all different places and times. I remembered what each of them was at the time, but now I can’t!

  2. SherrySherry

    I like Ila’s artistic expression of “Harmony” and Gina’s experience. The bottom right quadrant seems to be that extra dimension where I cannot quite figure out which color works best with which color, it turns into a dream that becomes ALL colors pulling me into the next dimension.

  3. MymonsterboyMymonsterboy

    Sometimes I think she’s just trying to influence me without saying a word!

    I’ll share your comments with Ila. She’ll be pleased you remarked.


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