These crazy looking, seemingly horrible sounding fruits, come in red and yellow colored skins. The flesh inside the red ones are either white or red. The red flesh tends to be sweeter.  The yellow-skinned ones always have white flesh.

Dragon Fruit is sometimes called the strawberry pear and is a tropical fruit that grows on a type of cactus.

Don’t be scared because these sound like scary things to eat. Dragon Fruit contain many healthy benefits and you should try to eat some when you can. The texture reminds me of the seeding part of the kiwi and the white ones are mild in flavor. My daughter suggests adding these to your smoothies.

So before we get into all the healthy stuff you should know about Dragon Fruit let’s take a look at how to cut one and see what it looks like inside.

Step One – Pick a Good One.

Step Two- Slice it in Half

Step Three- Slice each half into Quarters

Step Four – Peel the skin with your fingers.

Step Five – Eat It!

You can cut the pieces into smaller bite sized chunks after peeling it. Or just pick up and each with your hands.

Check out our video on how we cut and tasted our Dragon Fruit. (music choice by ila)

AND now for the super healthy info you are wondering about!

Here are 10 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit (click this link to read more) or see list below.

  1. It improves you Immune System
  2. It improves your Digestion
  3. It improves your Gut Health
  4.  It’s rich in Nutrients
  5. Helps Prevent Chronic Disease
  6. Prevents Anemia
  7. Prevents Acne
  8. Prevents Birth Defects
  9. Improves Vision
  10.  Improves Bone & Teeth Health

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  1. Beverly P HendryxBeverly P Hendryx

    Krris, Thank you for encouraging me to revisit a favorite .. I’m off to White Gate Farm tomorrow (amazingly wonderful organic farm and all is grown and nurtured with vast knowledge . commitment to harvest. and the environment with respect, kindness and a smile!


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