Personal Finances Can Have a Huge Effect on Health & Wellness

When we think about finances we are considering: Salary, Additional Income, Savings, Spending, and Investments

Our Physical, Emotional, and Financial Health are Connected.

Consider your current situation. How do you feel when you think about your relationship with money? Do you invest time in this area or do you just hope for the best?

Ask yourself, “Do my finances support my physical and emotional health?” What would happen if you were to face your finances with compassion and honesty?

On a Scale of 1- 10 what’s your satisfaction with this area of Primary Food?

Do you currently have balance in spending? The general rule of thumb is 50-30-20.

50% of your take home income for food/housing/debt pay/utilities

30% of your take home for your wants; things that bring you joy

and 20% for short and long term savings plus retirement

Keep track of your expenses for the month and consider where you might want to make an adjustment. Check back and in one month and reflect on how you are doing. Perhaps you decided to spend less on eating out and put that into savings or stash away for a vacation.

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