Ha! Oh, that’s not so funny, but it DID make me laugh.

It’s a beautiful evening.  First  warm day in a  long time and it’s early March.   The kind of weather  that results in everyone  being outside.  This is the kind of weather that inspires all the couch potatoes (except me) to put on their running shoes and jog.  So I drive cautiously as I make my way home. Remember no one has been out on the streets for a few months; everyone in my neck of the woods hibernates during the winter. So I’m moving slowly taking it all in (not to mention it’s still light out!)

I smile as I notice a dad and his son (way up ahead) playing catch.  Dad’s arm is up and stretched forward and the ball is on its way towards a well-oiled leather mitt.   It could be a scene from a Rockwell painting.  Except two seconds later as I get closer I notice the dad has darted and is reaching toward his son’s shoulders.  The kid is leaning forward head down and hands and glove holding his face.  I passed, too quickly to notice the tears; but could not help laughing  out loud.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t catch the ball. Hahaha! (ooops).

Yeah, yeah, it sounds horribly cruel.  But I know Babs is laughing right now, too.

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