Listen Up Ladies….!

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Listen ladies there is some thing you should never do in public!

You probably can get away with:
picking your nose,
picking your butt,
and maybe peeing.

However, you CANNOT get away with pulling hair from your lips and eyebrows!
Yes, I witnessed it. Yesterday, when I went to pick up some baked goods, I parked next to a car with a woman sitting in it. (By the way this parking space was right in front of a popular coffee shop. So needless to say people are coming and going by the dozens.) I notice her hands by her eyes; out of my peripheral vision it appears she’s either tweaking a contact lens or popping a zit (another NOT to do in public).
As return to my car I can see her and her all out efforts, mouth all twisted and contorted to get the very best pull on the facial skin and the squinty eyes ( resembling everyone over 40 straining to read a menu, printed in font 9, in a dimly lit restaurant – yes, it’s just plain old unattractive – eww) plucking her facial hair on her upper lip!!!

I’m not saying I’m like a hairless cat.
I am just saying, “Ladies you CAN’T do that in public!”
Moral of the Story: Think twice before you tweeze or squeeze!

PS I am not advocating the nose picking by any means!

5 thoughts on Listen Up Ladies…!

  1. The Bohemian RenegadeThe Bohemian Renegade

    All I can think is “WHY?!” – as in why would someone decide to do this in their car?! I mean, did she just have a few minutes spare and think, “Oh, I’ll do some plucking now and save time later”?! (Obviously I don’t expect you to know the answer to that!) It would never cross my mind to depilate in a car – and even if it did, the equipment for such a task would be sitting in my bathroom at home, not in my car with me!!

    I hope you don’t mind but I’d also like to add – ladies, the dinner table at a restaurant is NOT an appropriate place to apply full make-up; touch up your lipstick if you must but please, please don’t bring out the full cosmetics kit!

    And finally, I’m sorry but I disagree with you MMB – whether you’re male or female, there is never a time when it’s ok to pick your butt in public 😉


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