Ooops!  Locked the Fish in the Car!
As told to me by my sister.


Yes, that happened – house keys and car keys!

Just imagine it’s 33 degrees outside and the little fish are in small plastic bags to be returned to the pet shop (apparently they weren’t doing so well) Poor things were probably thinking “how could things get worse?”
Anyway, 20 minutes later, after getting a ladder, having a kid scale the ladder to the second floor window, and then into the house to retrieve the spare set of keys.

Needless to say, she reports that a spare set will be kept in a secret hiding place outdoors.

And, no she did not give a status on the fish.

One thought on Oooops! Locked the fish in car!

  1. DadDad

    My Easter Poem!!
    The little buds grow into flowers
    When Easter comes our way
    And you my darling you grow too You grow 5 lbs a day ?


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