Make a Dairy Free Tasty Summer Treat. Perfect to Kick off Memorial Day Weekend!


3 cup frozen pineapple

1 banana sliced & frozen

2 Cups full fat coconut milk

1 tspn of agave nectar (if you want to sweeten it)


In a blender mix in small batches: coconut milk, pineapple and banana. Blend on high until smooth throughout. At the end if you wish to sweeten it up add a little agave nectar.

Place in glass dish or loaf pan. Freeze for 6 hours.

Take out when ready to serve. Let it sit at room temp for a few minutes and then serve. You can slice or scoop.

We topped ours with toasted coconut and Hersey’s chocolate shell.

and a splash of grand marnier over the berries 🙂


Recipe adapted from Amy Meyers,MD

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