Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking part in the 12 week wellness journey.


I hope that you have found the information helpful and interesting but most of all I hope each one of you is healthier and happier than you were when we began this wonderful journey.

I encourage to continue to make small changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve your overall health and well being.

When we began you took a look at the Circle of Life Tool and made a dot in each of the 12 categories. Perhaps you still have your original document. If not, that’s fine you can print this one or draw it and fill it in again.

Mark a dot in each section. Closer to the center for an area you continue to wish to work on and closer to the edge of the circle for areas where you are totally satisfied.

How are you doing? Do you notice any changes? Did you grow in areas and develop others? Are there still areas you wish to work on?

I hope each of you take time to celebrate you successes and love yourself enough to continue to make yourself a priority.

This was just a snip-pit of the kinds of work we can do together. I plan to launch my business this summer with a focus on anti-inflammatory diets and lifestyles that reduce stress, increase well-being, prevent chronic inflammation (cause of most disease). I want to work with working, professional women, mothers, and wives, who are totally drained, battling with join pain, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, who love nutritious food, friends, family and nature and in the end just want to feel healthier and happier.

If this is you or someone you know….please contact me.

Perhaps you will leave a testimonial post, or contact met to see how you can support my business with your good recommendations. Or send a friend my way who would benefit from my services.

As I develop my program I will keep you posted. I am designing a 6 month program.

Why 6 months? Because a 6 month program builds lifelong, sustainable changes and allows people to experience success and support so that they can lead healthier happier lives on their own.

I am  grateful for my followers and appreciate your feedback.

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