Transformation, Perspective, and Pain….where does it get you?

Sometimes you wonder what you can handle and other times you look at people you know and are grateful for you are dealing with something else. It’s not a pity party. It’s simply a way of assessing what you have on your plate and recognizing you got this or this could be worse.

Sometimes you see a situation as horrible, but when you come out on the other end you wouldn’t change a thing. You recognize this has made you stronger, more spiritual, find and create more balance and you are just plain happier. You wouldn’t have chosen it out right but you went down that narly path and came out better for it.

Everyone of us has had a moment we wish never happened as we endured the pain, frustration, lack of control and overwhelm. But in the end, when we look back we wouldn’t trade it for anything; and we wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I always believed I was strong and steadfast and that good prevails over evil. Maybe I am naive and disillusioned. But in the midst of all the bullshit and chaos one can experience some self-doubt. One can also experience pure goodness and light in those who are truly good and only wish for the best for you and and others. It is a beautiful thing to be in that place.

When you’re there you feel it. You see it. And you know it. And it empowers you to be even bigger, and stronger than you were before. It helps you have clarity and know that in the end you will be standing; straight and tall. And you recognize if it wasn’t for this you wouldn’t be in a better spot today. It is the proverbial kick in the pants. During these times it’s important to connect socially to those who provide safety and support. And to connect to self and develop other aspects of your life that may have been neglected. It could be health, physical fitness, spirituality, socializing, finances, home, being in nature. You name it…anything that makes you whole.

In the end you find you have evolved, grown, and become you. You know it. There’s nothing really different than the fact that you sleep well, are at peace with yourself and others, and find the simplest pleasures to bring pure joy. And this is when life is good. And that is when you know you are on the path to being your whole-true-self and you continue to find ways to connect with that through like-minded people, art, nature, music, food, movement,…anything that helps you connect to to all the goodness that exists in us and everyone else.

And at the end of each day you realize if I just breathe …I can let most of this go. And there are really truly good people in this world walking along side me. And I can walk along side all that chaos and hurt that I have held on to …there’s no need for me to carry it or hold or retell it. And you begin the day with a new perspective and a new ending to your story.

What’s made you stronger, happier, more balanced, better off than you were before you experienced it?  Don’t hide the battle scars….they are beautiful.

Posted by Kris Szabo

Wife, Mother, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. Passionate about eating healthy, living well, and sharing the joy that makes life great. This site has been designed to help Create a Healthier, Happier You! Follow for health and wellness information. Hope you Eat Well, Love Passionately, and Laugh Often.

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