Career: Your Life’s Work Week 4

What Makes Your Work Meaningful?

When people think of their careers they often think of their life’s work.  Count your blessings if the work you are doing is the work you love and aligns with your core values and passion.  Over time our values or passions may change. Our desires and needs may change and what was very satisfying personally and professionally once may no longer be feeding our spirit.

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Sometimes we set out to do one thing and find ourselves on a very different path in life.  And you wonder, “How did I get here?”

People spend on average 8 – 10 hours a day at work.  In some cases there are many people who work many more hours at the expense of their health, happiness, families, etc.   It’s sometimes difficult to see that the jobs we love take such a toll on us. We need to continue to prioritize our overall well being and take responsibility to make changes for the better.

Take a moment and reflect on these questions:

What does your current career mean to you?

Is your career a means for a paycheck or ado you see meaning in your work?

Do you wake up each morning excited to begin your work?

Does you career align with your goals/purpose?

On a scale of 1-10 what is your level of satisfaction with this area of primary food?

Are you totally unhappy, not feeling challenged, disconnected, drained?

Are you totally happy, inspired, fulfilled,connected, passionate?

You can make some small changes to find ways to love your work and what you do?  I am not suggesting a career overhaul but ways to find enjoyment in the work you do.  Or find ways to cut back on the hours working and traveling. Reflect on your current career and if this is an area of need to  down a few steps to make some improvements in this area. Check back in a week and notice any shifts or changes.

Let me know if this is an area you’d like some help from me.

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