Home Cooking Primary Food Week 2

Let’s Explore the Primary Food Home Cooking  

Why taking a few action steps can transform your physical and mental health.  

How often do you cook at home?  And when you do, is it a chore or something you do with LOVE?   

Chef prepares hotpot in the stew pan in the kitchen

Preparing food in the home is an act of love.  When you take the care and time to prepare meals for yourself or your loved ones you set an intention to care and love yourself and them.  Did you ever notice that grandma’s cookies are better than anyone else’s? That’s because she made them with love.

Give it a shot.   Be sure to include Vitamin L (love)  the next time you cook. After you finish, reflect on how you felt after the meal.  

Were you emotionally satisfied.

Did you light candles, use cloth napkins, give thanks, eat slowly, appreciate the look, smell, texture of the food?   

You’ll be providing you and your loved ones a significant source of emotional nourishment.  

As you recall from the previous weeks we will continue to focus on areas of ourselves that we wish to continue to grow, develop, and nourish.

I love cooking and it truly is the way I express my love and care for my family.  I am mindful of what they love, the nutritional benefits, and the presentation. It’s a spiritual and therapeutic experience for me. You are what you eat. So eat quality ingredients and prepare your food with love and good energy.

Do you know what you should be eating and how much?  We all have different needs, based on gender, age, culture, etc.   You’ve probably noticed your kids eat a lot differently than you do.   

Take a look at the Integrative Nutrition Plate and reflect on your plate.   Are your portions aligned to healthy eating? Are you eating good fats and quality proteins, fruits, and vegetables?  Do you tend to eat a lot of prepared or processed foods? Do you tend to eat a lot of whole foods? How are your primary foods?

Are you  missing something in your primary food?   What feeds us on our plates is just a small part of it.

On a scale of 1- 10 what’s your satisfaction with Home Cooking?   

What steps will you take this week in this area of Primary Food?

Be sure to check in and see how you’re doing in a week?  

Celebrate your successes.

If you’re interested in learning more about home cooking I’d love to help.  

Keys to Healthy Cooking

Fresh is Best

Local is Better

Organic is Much Better

Canned/Frozen are o.k.

Commercial Produce is o.k.

Keep it Simple

Cook Once – Eat Twice


Ask others to Help

Cook with Vitamin L

Don’t eat foods you don’t like

Enjoy Eating.

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  1. Kris,
    We really enjoyed reading your blog You hit the nail on the head ! Cook with love experiment and enjoy
    ❤️Mom Dad

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