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Hey there everyone! I know some of you prefer not to get all caught up in the social media apps and platforms. I totally get that.

So if you aren’t into that but want to still get my 20 Something Tips to have Less Stress and experience More Joy this holiday season, go and check out my YouTube Channel.  I’ve Linked it Here!

Just one favor, please be sure to Like, Subscribe, and Share with friends.

When I reach 100 subscribers I can change the URL to EatLoveLaugh instead of the gobbly-de-gook random string of letters that they attach to videos.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!!!

So by way of  helping you not have to join all the other social media platforms and get tangled in that  I would be grateful if you subscribed to my youtube channel.

xoxo love,


PS on the YouTube Page be sure to click VIDEOS and you’ll see all the videos not just the most recent ones.

PPS If you check it out….you’ll get the added bonus of seeing all 28 Tips NOW!!!

Posted by Kris Szabo

Wife, Mother, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. Passionate about eating healthy, living well, and sharing the joy that makes life great. This site has been designed to help Create a Healthier, Happier You! Follow for health and wellness information. Hope you Eat Well, Love Passionately, and Laugh Often.

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