• 3-4 Ripe Avacados smashed
  • ½ lime (juiced)
  • ¼ cup diced white onion
  • ½ jalapeno minced
  • 1 plum tomato diced
  • Fresh cilantro (handful chopped)
  • 10-12 slices of Jalapeno from jar (chopped)
  • Salt


Smash the avocados, add diced onion, diced tomato, diced fresh jalapeno, chopped jarred jalapeno, and lime juice.  Stir and add salt to taste.  Ready to serve or set aside in fridge for a bit


Posted by Kris Szabo

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4 thoughts on “Guacamole”

  1. Looks great! My classic guacamole is four ingredients: avocados, lime, red onion, and cilantro. Salt & pepper to taste. Occasionally I’ll add a chopped jalapeño:)

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