This itching is driving me crazy!

I am highly allergic to poison ivy. Even when I wear a long sleeve shirt I manage to get a bit of rash. And it drives me crazy.

Notice the swelling and redness went down after 3 minutes of coffee remedy

I wash after working in the yard and clean the tools and clothing. However, there is always a little blister that pops up and turns into something crazy….all swollen and oozy. Yep, it’s pretty gross!

I found some natural remedies. Today I tried the coffee & baking soda one.

Here’s how you do it:

Combine cold coffee and baking soda in a bowl.

Make a Paste and apply to rash.

Spread on rash…..let sit for about 5 minutes and rinse with cold water, and dry lightly with a paper towel….just blot do not rub.

Do this over a sink or place a towel down….as it dries it tends to fall off your skin.

It smells good and has a cooling sensation.Next I may try the turmeric one. Check out live health online for more natural remedies.

And here’s another list of natural remedies to treat poison ivy.

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2 thoughts on “This itching is driving me crazy!”

  1. I always have coffee and baking soda in the house as a option. I use Tecnu Extreme after working in the yard, and works great.
    Thank you.
    Aunt Carolyn ?

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