Alexa is 13 years old, loves horses, painting and her pets.  She’s a neat kid who has  a pretty cool disposition (I’m kinda partial to her…since she’s one of my nieces).  Hope you get to see more of her work here….or in a gallery near you!   (maybe she’ll paint your pet….got a pic?)


Mouse – big, giant house cat, named Mouse.


Jagger, goofball dog, with a big heart, and love for lounging on the couch.


Jagger and Zuri – Good Pups to Paint

8 thoughts on Artwork by Alexa

  1. CarolynCarolyn

    Cool! That’s a real work of art…Fantastic!
    Any appointments available to do a portrait of Molly?
    Oh! We need to discuss price…..BUT it’ll be worth it, since you’re doing it.



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