Polish Stuffed Cabbage

stuffed cabbage



1 onion chopped

1 lb ground beef

1 lb ground pork

4 cloves garlic minced

1 large cabbage

1 small can diced tomatoes

1 lg can plum tomatoes

1 small can beef broth

1 ½ cups cooked rice

2 eggs

4 tablespoons grated cheese




Mixture and Baking

Saute onion (butter or oil), add ground beef and ground pork.

Core cabbage and Boil Cabbage 3- 5 minutes.  Drain.

Mix  together meat, onions , two eggs, rice and garlic. Add salt, pepper, paprika and cheese.

Stuff leaves with mixture (make a small envelope).

Place in baking dish. Add tomatoes and broth. Back 350 degrees for about 1 hour.

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