Happy Birthday

My daughter
Swings from the trees
And scrapes her knees
Wears tiaras
And leather chokers
She’s strong
And willed
And full of joy
She’s a gift
Of pure delight
She’s witty
And curious
And kind at heart
She’s loving
And silly-smart
She’s good
and bad
And wonderful
She’s my love
My little girl
My little
lion’s heart
She’s my Song
On angel’s wings
She’s a girl
Who loves to sing
She’s sassy
And dancy
And dirty
And sweet
Loves a lavender bath
And candy treats
Carries a lizard
A Dino and a cat
She’ll growl at you
With a tiger’s scowl
She’ll hold your hand
And kiss your cheek
Do not mistake
Her for being meek
She’s all that
I dream
I could be

I am grateful
To be Mom to this little monkey

Happy 7th Birthday little monkey

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