We went to visit Grandpa in the nursing home. He was seated in the hallway near two women. Gramps was in a wheel cheer and the ladies seated on upholstered arms chairs to his right.

At the far end there twas an empty seat. Ila and I sat together as she drew pictures for Grandpa. The nursing staff called the residents to the dining hall for lunch. The woman right next to Ila and me called to Grandpa, “Hey JIm, they’re calling us to lunch.” (His name is Lou). Grandpa smiled and said to us, “She’s a police officer and she’s here getting a free meal.” The other woman had left a few minutes earlier with some family members.

So I moved myself over to the empty chair next to Ila. After sitting for a few minutes I noticed my pants felt damp. Yes, the chair was wet.

Let’s just pretend it was water!!!

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