Circle of Life ~ Primary Food

Part of the Integrative Nutrition Program and Wellness Coaching has us look at our lives holistically.  This is one of the aspects I love about this program.   Follow me for the next 12 weeks as we explore the primary foods in our lives.

Ask Yourself:  How Do I Want to Feel?

People change because of how they want to feel; not what they know.

It’s not just what’s on your plate; it’s what’s in your life.


Primary Food – is your lifestyle     Secondary Food- what’s on your plate

It’s important to explore each of these areas as they relate to your life right now.   Look at each area and reflect on how satisfied you are in each of the areas. Mark a dot toward the center to indicate NOT Satisfied, and place a dot toward to outer edges to indicate VERY Satisfied.  

Where are you Strong?  Where are you weak?

Ask yourself: What Can I Do to Create More Balance?

You heal with Primary Food

Ubuntu:  What makes us human is the humanity we show each other.

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