“Unpresidented” Love Poem

“Unpresidented” Love Poem


Why do you inspire hate?

I think it’s because you’re afraid

Your spiteful deception beguiles most

Your hollow promises are brags and boasts

A counterfeit, a fraud– the scandal you create

A scoundrel, a cad– your distractions drive us mad

The distortions and aspersions–absurd–that’s certain

Your falsehoods and misstatements–

fake truths–alt news–just lies


Now go brush your hair


Posted by Kris Szabo

Wife, Mother, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. Passionate about eating healthy, living well, and sharing the joy that makes life great. This site has been designed to help Create a Healthier, Happier You! Follow for health and wellness information. Hope you Eat Well, Love Passionately, and Laugh Often.

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